About Us

This is the story of a teddy bear and a family…

Wally Plush Toys story started in 1990, when Mr Adolf Friedrich Waller decided to quit his job and partner his wife, Sylvette Waller-Krück, to start their own plush toys factory. Back then, they never expected their company to become an international business a few years later, with more than one hundred employees and customers around the world, mainly in Europe.

Friedrich Waller came in Mauritius for the first time in the early seventies. After years of studying toys and dolls creation and working for several leading brands of the industry, he came from Germany as an expert to open the first plush toy factory of the island. It was on this trip that he met his future wife, Sylvette, a Mauritian citizen. A few years later, after many return journeys between Mauritius and Germany, they decided to open their own factory. The country offers a stable socioeconomic climate; it plays a major role in the international textile industry and has beneficial trade agreements for importing countries. Existing social laws also ensure that products are manufactured in factories respecting strict codes of ethics and conduct.

The magic word: quality!

Sylvette was one of the first to take professional training courses with an expert in all the techniques and knowledge necessary to the business. She soon knew the ins and outs of plush toys and dolls. But only two years after the factory was founded, Friedrich passed away and Sylvette found herself alone at the head of the company of a hundred employees. Even so, she decided to get by, to forge ahead and enter niche markets. Through the factory’s quality products and services, Wally Plush Toys’ reputation started to grow rapidly, as well as its size! From the ten employees of its beginnings, the company now counts over a hundred staff members, in addition to several dozens of small external workshops.
Today, Sylvette helped by her sister Stella, ensures that all factory outgoing products meet the quality standards her late husband and herself established over the years. As for the creative department, it is under the care of her son, Toni. The worthy successor of the Waller has joined the team in early 2000 after several years in Germany to broaden his knowledge. Needless to say the high quality products made by Wally Plush Toys go with the excellent service of its creative department


With more than 20 years of experience in the soft toys sector, from the unique piece to mass production, including limited collections and collector’s items, we have an expert knowledge of each production stage, by any standard. From the birth of an idea to the realisation of your project, we put all our skills at your service.


First of all, we listen to you. Understanding your needs, goals and demands is essential to give you the end result you expect or exceed your expectations. Your satisfaction is our focus at all stages of design and production.


First of all, we listen to you. Understanding your needs, goals and demands is essential to give you the end result you expect or exceed your expectations. Your satisfaction is our focus at all stages of design and production.- Our talented art department will guide you to bring to life your project. It will recommend the best material and format suited to your target audience or type of distribution. Our team is also there to help you transform even a vague idea into a clear vision. Thanks to our years of experience, we give the best technical and artistic advices so you can obtain the best possible plushies!


We make plush toys, puppets and dolls garments from a variety of materials (felt, velvet, light jersey, fibre polyester, denim, etc.). We also use organic materials like cotton velvet, mohair, cotton and 100% silk. All our raw materials are carefully selected based on aesthetics and functionality, and above all on their quality and safety.


Quality is a permanent concern at all stages of production, from raw material purchased to our end products delivered, they all need to conform to international standards. All our material suppliers are certified according to the highest standards, metal detectors are used on our production lines and we constantly carry out spot-checks to guarantee strict respect of our clients demands, superior quality products and users safety. Besides, all our products are tested and pass standards of ASTM for USA and EN71 for Europe.


We use non-toxic paint, while eyes and noses are solidly hooked and accessories are specially devised for plush toys. Our range of products is created to guarantee health and safety of the users, particularly children, always keeping in mind the different possible usages. On demand, clients can have plush toys packaging, labels printed or embroidered and accessories such as hand tags, key rings, music boxes, among others.


We are a full-service company offering paperwork, administrative management, ocean and air freight management, shipping and custom clearance. Please note that goods with a EUR1 certificate are exempted from customs duty in Europe. We produce in small and large volumes and make sure your order arrives safely and on time, to one or many addresses.

A civic-minded and responsible company

Our Code of Conduct mirrors the commitments we make as a civic-minded and responsible company. Wally Plush Toys stands for the respect of human rights and labour standards and takes these fundamental values to heart.

Our Code of Conduct is based on our values and our commitment to observe ethical professional behaviour. We adopt ethical and moral values in our company’s management and create high-quality products that meet the clients’ requirements. We respect the fundamental rights of workers, namely physical and emotional integrity, dignity and equal working conditions for all employees, without discrimination of any kind. What’s more, we act at all times in compliance with laws and regulations.

Code of Conduct of Wally PlushToys Ltd

1.Original ideas and Registered designs.

We respect original ideas and registered designs, as we know that mutual trust is essential to build a real confidential relationship between Wally Plush Toys and its clients.

2.Terms and Conditions

We strictly respect the terms and conditions of trade agreements and similarly expect our clients to conform to the same standards.

3. Equal opportunity and Non-discrimination

We strive to fight against all types of discrimination and to promote diversity, which we consider as one of our strengths. Our hiring conditions are based on the person’s ability to do the job, and not on personal characteristics, sexual orientation, creeds, political preferences or religious beliefs.

4. Forced labour and Child labour

As part of our Code of Conduct, we are committed in respecting and promoting human rights and oppose any kind of forced or compulsory labour as well as child labour. In accordance with the current legislation, we do not hire workers under the age of 16.

5. Working time

The working time complies with the legal framework and the country’s regulations. When necessary, workers receive full compensation for overtime according to local laws, or at a rate at least equal to the hourly wage rate where no legally prescribed rate exists. Employees are entitled to paid leaves as required by law.

6. Respect for employees

We value our staff and treat each employee with respect and dignity and pay them equitable wages determined by the State. We conduct our operations with respect for human rights and the interests of our employees.

7. Health and Security

We are committed to providing to all our employees safe and healthy work conditions and environments. Our premises are protected and secured with, for instance, fire protection, emergency exits and first aid equipment.

8. Freedom of association

We respect the rights of our employees to freedom of association, labour negotiation, creation or involvement in any labour unions and they will never face penalties, discriminations or harassment for these rights.