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Professionalism that speaks to the heart of all

All our products are a reflection of our expertise, professionalism and rigor and demonstrate the high quality and creativity of our range. But our job would not be complete if it did not whisper to your inner child and put stars in your eyes, regardless of your age.

Plush dolls, animals and Teddy bears are worldwide favourites and give endless possibilities of customising. Each product can be tailored to your ideas, your audience and your colour, size, material, pattern preferences…
Remember that we also create unique models; be they promotional items, collector plush toys, dolls garments and accessories, creatures or characters and unexampled soft toys! Give free reign to your imagination: our talent and know-how will satisfy your wildest dream.

Carefully selected and controlled raw materials.

To have beautiful products, high quality raw materials are a must. All our raw material suppliers are certified according to international quality standards, and when production is launched, we monitor each stage of textile, supplies and materials processing.

Our basic textiles include:
Polyester velour, soft Velboa, plush acrylic, plush polyester and acrylic blend, light Jersey, polyester felt, cotton felt, cotton denim, cotton, polyester /cotton stuffing or 100% silk for doll garments.

We offer to our eco-friendly customers a green soft toy collection with organic materials such as cotton velour, mohair from Germany for the traditional teddy bear, cotton manufactured in Mauritius and wool for stuffing or outer fabric.

Teddy Bears

For over 130 years, the teddy bear has conquered the hearts of young and old alike! Our teddy bears, tinged with nostalgia and timelessness are manufactured for kids of all ages and collectors.
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Plush Animals

They come from the farm, savannah or Mauritius. Our stuffed animals and pets are fabulous playfellows, but also beautiful decorative elements for children's room.
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Plush Human Characters

The doll, in every shape and form, is a great cognitive and emotional learning tool with which the child tames everyday situations. Whatever plush character is chosen, it will be a great friend to grow up with.
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Organic Products

We offer a range of organic soft toys to eco-friendly parents who wish to instil environmental values to their children from an early age. The sooner, the better!
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Music Box

Our adorable plush toys with a music box awaken the musical ear of your children or lull them with a sweet soothing melody.
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Microwave Bed Warmers

Place our warmers a few seconds in the microwave oven to provide comforting warmth to children or to relieve infant colic.
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Baby Comforter

Children often create a strong emotional bond with their comforter and this attachment can last for years. They are sure to treasure our soft and reassuring comforters.
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